Class & Recital Info

General Class Info:

  • Attire: Dancers are to wear a leotard and tights, both can be any color. They may wear a ballet skirt or booty shorts over their leotard. Their hair needs to be up and off their face. Shoes: Ballet - pink ballet shoes, Tap - black tap shoes, Jazz - black jazz shoes, Hip Hop - black jazz shoes or hip-hop sneakers ONLY worn inside the studio.
  • Class Make-Ups: If a dancer misses their regularly scheduled class due to illness or a scheduling conflict, they may make up that class. They can attend the same level class on a different day of the week at any time. To find class times please view our schedule here, or stop by the desk and ask Carol or Toni. When you come for a class make-up, please let the teacher know your dancer is making up a missed class.
  • Class Cancellation Information - We very rarely cancel classes, but if we do you can find it in a few places: 1) on our social media 2) KDKA 3) via email. If your class(es) are cancelled, information regarding options to makeup will be communicated to you via email.

Recital Information:


  • Costumes will be passed out in May. Precisely when will be communicated to you closer to the date. Please plan to attend your dancers class(es) that day to get all necessary information for the dress rehearsal and recital.
  • Please hang costume with all accessories in a closet and do not
    allow your dancer to play in or with it.
  • Bring all costumes and costume accessories to BOTH dress rehearsal and
    the recital.
  • Bring your Bloch Pink Tights for Ballet and Bloch Light Tan Tights
    for Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop Classes.
  • Please be sure all shoes are tied and double-knotted, with ballet shoe laces tucked in.
  • Hair is to be worn in a bun with bangs off of the forehead.
  • Make-up is Red Lipstick, Brown Eye Shadow, Pink Blush. Mascara
    and Eyeliner are also to be worn, but are optional for Pre/Beginning dancers.
  • No Nail Polish
  • No Underwear under your costume! (your tights take the place of
  • No Tattoos or Stamps
  • No Jewelry
  • No Colorful Bandaids
  • No Gum/Food or Drinks when in costume.

Dress Rehearsal

  • 2024 date coming soon!
  • The schedule will be passed out when your dancer receives their costume.
  • Please note that we cannot wait to start rehearsal if any dancers are late. You
    must be on time and ready at your designated time. Rehearsal runs on time,
    often early, so please arrive accordingly.
  • Dancers and their mother/one parent ONLY should attend.
  • Dancers must be in the dressing room 5 numbers before their number. After an MDC Staff Member takes your dancer to the stage, mom/parent may sit in the “Mother’s section” of the auditorium to watch. After your dancer performs, return immediately to the dressing room to meet your dancer.
  • Flash photography and Videotaping are permitted at Dress
    Rehearsal ONLY!
  • Professional photos will be available to have taken of your dancer. More information will be supplied when your child receives their costume.


  • 2024 date coming soon!
  • The schedule will be passed out when your dancer receives their costume.
  • The show begins at 6:30PM; dancers need to be there at 6:00PM.
  • Mom/Female is to remain with dancer(s) in the dressing room until all dance routines for your dancer(s) have been completed. Mom/Female may watch their dancer from the Mother’s section in the auditorium but must return to the dressing room immediately after. Mom/Female may watch the remainder of the show from the Mother’s section when the dancer has completed all of their numbers.
  • NO Flash Photography or Videotaping during Recital.
  • Please remind family and friends to exit the auditorium in between numbers.
  • Only Moms/Female permitted in dressing rooms. NO men. Please ask friends and family to wait in the lobby.
  • Tickets will go on sale the week your dancer receives their costume. They are $18 at the studio prior to the show and $20 at dress rehearsal and recital.
  • No assigned seating.
  • Saving of seats is prohibited.